Working Together

Virginian Patriots and Politicians

An onslaught of bills was introduced into the General Assembly in 2020, and the House and Senate caucuses tried desperately to keep up. Legislators and citizens were in daily turmoil due to the number of bills and the radical nature of the legislation.  There was little time to consider the ramifications of each bill and prepare a defense.

The 2021 session will be a repeat unless we are prepared.

For this purpose an organization is being developed, formed entirely of citizen volunteers to support Virginia’s conservative legislators.  We will learn to follow introduced legislation to serve both our legislators and fellow citizens.

  • For Legislators: We can explain, in clear layman’s terms, which bills pose a threat and which will have a positive effect on Virginia.
  • For Citizens: By earlier notification, citizens will have more time to contact legislators, tell their friends, plan rallies to draw attention, and other activities.

Insights and opinions from legislators will be critical to developing a truly useful organization. Senator Jen Kiggans appreciates our efforts, and has graciously offered to serve as adviser as we develop our organization.

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Thank you, Karen Starling Greenhalgh at the Virginian Public Square