We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

a Working together, we have stopped the critical portion of HB257, protecting our Virginia school students! It is important to understand what has occurred, so we can win again. Have no doubt, this battle is not over. I have been warning Virginians about HB257.  This bill was proposed by six Democrats in the House. HB257… Continue reading We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

Bullying Laws up for Senate Vote

Two years today 17 people were killed at Parkland high school, 14 students and 3 adults.  The Parkland shooter will be held accountable for his actions in court.  Had he been held accountable for his actions while he was a student, the Parkland Shooting would probably not have occurred.  Max Eden, researcher of Parkland and… Continue reading Bullying Laws up for Senate Vote

Disorderly Conduct in Schools- legislative update

Virginia legislators seem determined to decriminalize disorderly conduct in schools, including disruptions intended to incite violence! In my posts on December 8th and 16th, I explained House Bill 8. This bill proposed decriminalizing disorderly conduct by any person in a school, on school property, or at any school sponsored event. House Bill 8 has been… Continue reading Disorderly Conduct in Schools- legislative update

School Bullying in Virginia

High school students being bullied. Imagine your child being bullied in school by another student; remember this could be a high school student.  Your child is called names and mocked, walks through the halls listening to verbal abuse, embarrassed because other students are watching but terrified of being caught alone by the bully. That is… Continue reading School Bullying in Virginia

“It’s been five years….

“It’s been five years, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”  As manager of a pregnancy resource center, I knew what she couldn’t forget. Her abortion. The email from a former client broke my heart; I cried as I connected her with a post-abortion counseling ministry. A woman with an unplanned pregnancy is living in… Continue reading “It’s been five years….

Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct In Schools?

Should Virginia decriminalize disorderly conduct in schools? Should a person who causes a disruption in our schools, including a disruption that could cause acts of violence, be considered guilty of disorderly conduct? Seems reasonable to me. At least one member of the General Assembly doesn’t agree. Under current Virginia law, any person who engages is… Continue reading Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct In Schools?

Rumbling in VB

According to an excellent news report by Wavy 10, “The gun-rights advocates wore orange stickers saying “Guns Save Lives” in the shadow of Building 2 at the multiple center, where six months earlier a gunman killed 12 and injured 4 others." The orange stickers represent support by the Virginia Citizen Defense League (VCDL), a non-profit, non-partisan,… Continue reading Rumbling in VB

Deceptive News Targets Virginia

Is deception ever right? Articles that appear to be news but belong on an Opinion page are misleading, but progressives have gone a step farther. Too far in my opinion. Democratic strategist Tara McGowan established a for-profit media company, Courier Newsroom, designed solely to manipulate voters. The Courier designed an online magazine masquerading as local news,… Continue reading Deceptive News Targets Virginia