Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Abortion laws no longer require informed consent in Virginia Attempts to change abortion laws in Virginia were overshadowed by Representative Tran’s bill easing restrictions on third trimester abortions, and the governor’s acceptance of infanticide.  I warned about these new laws, which went into effect July 1, 2020. Because of House Bill 980, informed consent may… Continue reading Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Is your phone tracking you?

Apple and Android develop Contact Tracing Soon every IPhone and Android will track your contacts. Apple and Google have designed a system for our phones to "connect" when they are near each other. If you are near another person, your phones will contact each other and log the connection. Introduced in two phases, Phase One… Continue reading Is your phone tracking you?

Disease Control = Absolute Power

The goal has never been to control the Wuhan virus; the goal was to slow the spread. As the CDC chart below shows, slowing the spread of the virus means that it affects fewer people at a time, to ensure that the caseload doesn't overload the limited health resources available.  Virginia has suffered greatly but… Continue reading Disease Control = Absolute Power

The Beginning of the End?

Opening Up America Again - the first criterion for Virginia

Schools: Mandated Reporting to Police of Criminal Acts

School Boards have the power to require principals report to police! The General Assembly passed legislation which drastically changes the mandated reporting requirements for our schools.  The focus by Republicans was the removal of sexual assault from mandated reporting to the police. Comparing the revision with current law, I realized Virginia citizens can stop this… Continue reading Schools: Mandated Reporting to Police of Criminal Acts

We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

a Working together, we have stopped the critical portion of HB257, protecting our Virginia school students! It is important to understand what has occurred, so we can win again. Have no doubt, this battle is not over. I have been warning Virginians about HB257.  This bill was proposed by six Democrats in the House. HB257… Continue reading We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

Bullying Laws up for Senate Vote

Two years today 17 people were killed at Parkland high school, 14 students and 3 adults.  The Parkland shooter will be held accountable for his actions in court.  Had he been held accountable for his actions while he was a student, the Parkland Shooting would probably not have occurred.  Max Eden, researcher of Parkland and… Continue reading Bullying Laws up for Senate Vote

Disorderly Conduct in Schools- legislative update

Virginia legislators seem determined to decriminalize disorderly conduct in schools, including disruptions intended to incite violence! In my posts on December 8th and 16th, I explained House Bill 8. This bill proposed decriminalizing disorderly conduct by any person in a school, on school property, or at any school sponsored event. House Bill 8 has been… Continue reading Disorderly Conduct in Schools- legislative update

“It’s been five years….

“It’s been five years, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”  As manager of a pregnancy resource center, I knew what she couldn’t forget. Her abortion. The email from a former client broke my heart; I cried as I connected her with a post-abortion counseling ministry. A woman with an unplanned pregnancy is living in… Continue reading “It’s been five years….

Why Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct?

Crisis? What Crisis? As promised, I’m writing with an update to a previous post concerning House Bill No.8, a bill to decriminalize disorderly conduct in Virginia schools. Many concerned teachers and parents across Virginia have contacted me with the same message: "Similar laws have been passed across America and we don’t want it in Virginia!"… Continue reading Why Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct?