Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Abortion laws no longer require informed consent in Virginia Attempts to change abortion laws in Virginia were overshadowed by Representative Tran’s bill easing restrictions on third trimester abortions, and the governor’s acceptance of infanticide.  I warned about these new laws, which went into effect July 1, 2020. Because of House Bill 980, informed consent may… Continue reading Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Working Together for Virginia

The 2020 General Assembly was overcome with a record number of bills, and Republican legislators struggled to keep up. Legislators and citizens were unprepared, facing daily turmoil over the number of bills and clearly radical agenda.  The 2021 session will be the same unless we prepare. For this purpose an organization is being developed, formed… Continue reading Working Together for Virginia

We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

a Working together, we have stopped the critical portion of HB257, protecting our Virginia school students! It is important to understand what has occurred, so we can win again. Have no doubt, this battle is not over. I have been warning Virginians about HB257.  This bill was proposed by six Democrats in the House. HB257… Continue reading We stopped HB257 from making Assault & Battery in school “non-reportable”

School Bullying in Virginia

High school students being bullied. Imagine your child being bullied in school by another student; remember this could be a high school student.  Your child is called names and mocked, walks through the halls listening to verbal abuse, embarrassed because other students are watching but terrified of being caught alone by the bully. That is… Continue reading School Bullying in Virginia