“It’s been five years….

“It’s been five years, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”  As manager of a pregnancy resource center, I knew what she couldn’t forget. Her abortion. The email from a former client broke my heart; I cried as I connected her with a post-abortion counseling ministry. A woman with an unplanned pregnancy is living in… Continue reading “It’s been five years….

Deceptive News Targets Virginia

Is deception ever right? Articles that appear to be news but belong on an Opinion page are misleading, but progressives have gone a step farther. Too far in my opinion. Democratic strategist Tara McGowan established a for-profit media company, Courier Newsroom, designed solely to manipulate voters. The Courier designed an online magazine masquerading as local news,… Continue reading Deceptive News Targets Virginia

What we tolerate, we empower.

For years Christians have been told “you can’t legislate morality” so “religion doesn’t belong in politics.” But now we have self-proclaimed moral leaders in the political arena. With a new moral code. This has to do with who we are as moral leaders...in the moral moment there is no neutral...you are either complicit in the… Continue reading What we tolerate, we empower.