Define Virginia Beach

Mayor Bobby Dyer June 1, 2020 I wish had taken pictures yesterday while I had the chance. Police have asked residents to avoid the oceanfront until further notice. Yesterday my husband and I walked down the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, enjoying another beautiful day in our beautiful city. Having lunch on the terrace at Catch 31,… Continue reading Define Virginia Beach

School Bullying in Virginia

High school students being bullied. Imagine your child being bullied in school by another student; remember this could be a high school student.  Your child is called names and mocked, walks through the halls listening to verbal abuse, embarrassed because other students are watching but terrified of being caught alone by the bully. That is… Continue reading School Bullying in Virginia

Why Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct?

Crisis? What Crisis? As promised, I’m writing with an update to a previous post concerning House Bill No.8, a bill to decriminalize disorderly conduct in Virginia schools. Many concerned teachers and parents across Virginia have contacted me with the same message: "Similar laws have been passed across America and we don’t want it in Virginia!"… Continue reading Why Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct?

What we tolerate, we empower.

For years Christians have been told “you can’t legislate morality” so “religion doesn’t belong in politics.” But now we have self-proclaimed moral leaders in the political arena. With a new moral code. This has to do with who we are as moral the moral moment there is no are either complicit in the… Continue reading What we tolerate, we empower.