Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Abortion laws no longer require informed consent in Virginia Attempts to change abortion laws in Virginia were overshadowed by Representative Tran’s bill easing restrictions on third trimester abortions, and the governor’s acceptance of infanticide.  I warned about these new laws, which went into effect July 1, 2020. Because of House Bill 980, informed consent may… Continue reading Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

“It’s been five years….

“It’s been five years, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”  As manager of a pregnancy resource center, I knew what she couldn’t forget. Her abortion. The email from a former client broke my heart; I cried as I connected her with a post-abortion counseling ministry. A woman with an unplanned pregnancy is living in… Continue reading “It’s been five years….

Va’s abortion laws at risk

Virginia's abortion laws are designed to align with the Supreme Court ruling in Row vs Wade, with compassionate consideration for the woman's emotional and physical well-being. Four specific sections of the Virginia Code have been challenged in Federal District court. Three sections protect the physical well-being of the woman considering abortion: Abortions may only be… Continue reading Va’s abortion laws at risk