Serious conversation with civility

Born Karen Starling, I am now very happily married as Karen Starling Greenhalgh. With grown children I enjoy spending time with, and two grandchildren who love to play with Grandma, my life is overflowing with joy.  My husband and I founded Cyber Tygr, a business assisting healthcare companies with cyber security and privacy issues.  We travel all over the United States for our work, which is demanding but rewarding. If you think I stay busy- you are correct!

You’re probably wondering why I am taking time for this blog. There is only one reason: I’ve realized there are a LOT of people just like me, concerned for our country and tired of feeling helpless.

Having followed national politics since I was a teenager, I’ve developed a strong love for America, and pride in being born and raised in Virginia.  The current political climate dismisses people like me – I want us to take back the discussion. This blog is intended to be a conversation, a civil conversation allowing discussion based on facts and reason. We can disagree, still be polite, and encourage others to join our conversation.

Preserving free speech in America and maintaining respect for one another – no matter what political opinions or religious beliefs we may have – is essential to the survival of our nation. 

Ken Blackwell

Recently I became involved with the Convention of States Action, a grassroots movement asking the states to act on authority given them by Article V of the constitution to rein in the out-of-control federal government. I’ve met so many fellow concerned citizens who feel alone, or afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. This blog is a place for us to learn from each other, have discussions even if we don’t agree, because there is only one rule:

Civility. Participation requires polite, reasoned conversation.

I’ve had face-to-face meetings with legislators to discuss Article V and other critical issues. I’ve found, even with legislators who disagree with me on important issues, I can still have a civil discussion by presenting facts in a respectful manner. Every meeting ended on a positive note and a handshake. I believe this is how we can take back the political conversation.

If we let the politicians and those who report dictate our discourse, then our course will be dictated.

Donna Brazile

I’ve developed the habit of seeking the truth, rather than settle for what I am told is the truth. Through this blog, I intend to share information concerning our country and our state, and ask for your opinion. Together, we can share ideas, learn from each other, and together be a voice of reason, one conversation at a time.

I plan to post twice each week, each with a discussion question. Please comment and subscribe – invite your friends to join in our conversation.

Let’s get together and take center stage in the Virginian Public Square.

Karen Starling Greenhalgh