Conversation with the Town Center Protest Organizers

Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith

Four part vlog series with Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith, The Town Center Protest Organizers!

Click Here for the complete playlist of Parts 1-4

To watch individually:

Part 1: Meet Damien & Heavyn, organizers of the Town Center Protest

Part 2: Virginia Beach and the Town Center Protest

Part 3: Is Violent Protest Justified?

Part 4:  America, Past and Present

As a resident of Town Center in Virginia Beach, on June 6th I watched protesters march from Mount Trashmore to the heart of Town Center for speeches and chants, then march back to Mount Trashmore.  Passionate and peaceful, this march set an example for the rest of the country.  I was determined to meet the person responsible and found the organizers, an amazing young couple who agreed to meet with me. 

Damien and Heavyn have something to say. 

They should be heard.

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