My Choice

Face covering. Not a mask – there is no medical purpose.  Any piece of cloth will suffice.

This is not about public health; this is about power.  Bully power. 

To open, or remain open, every business must enforce Northam’s face covering rule.  If they refuse, the Department of Health (VDH) and Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) will shut down the business, deemed a public health risk. 

The governor can’t make me wear a mask, and I have two options: 

  1. Refuse to wear a face covering at the store requiring a face covering and complain/protest.
  2. Frequent stores that do not enforce the mandate, putting themselves at risk of losing everything they have.  

As a small business owner, I understand the unjust burden Northam has placed on
Virginia businesses.

For weeks Virginians have been calling to Re-Open Virginia, save our businesses.

Northam is pitting those businesses against their patrons.

He is pitting Virginians against Virginians.

Divide and conquer.

Virginians are beginning to unite against the progressive agenda.  Conservatives, libertarians, and disillusioned democrats across Virginia are finding common ground since the 2019 elections. Setting aside the few areas of disagreement, we are uniting to take back Virginia in 2021.

Dividing us is the only way to stop us.

Recently a “life-long Democrat” explained to me the Democrat party of today is not the same party she faithfully supported.  Watching the impeachment lies against Trump, and now lies about the virus, she decided she will never vote for a Democrat again.  “If they will treat the president that way, what are they willing to do to me?”

If I refuse to support our businesses, I am making them suffer because of the governor.

Northam will blame the economic damage on citizens refusing to cooperate.

There is another choice.  My choice.  I choose to wear my face covering if required for the sake of Virginia’s businesses and our economy, our jobs.

I choose to wear my useless face covering to ReOpen Virginia.  There will be other battles; this one isn’t worth the price.

Get Ready for 2021

Take Back Virginia

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