Contact Tracing begins in Virginia

Phase One of Virginia Forward comes at a high price.

A much higher price than the cost of a haircut or a tanning bed.

Suppose I visit Butterfly Beauty Salon on Monday.  The salon is required to record my name, contact information, and time I was at the salon.  Another guest, named Martha, also visits Butterfly Beauty Salon on Monday morning.  Martha is feeling great, but due to the increased Covid testing, everyone in her company is tested on Wednesday.  Martha is surprised when informed on Friday she tested Positive!  Contact Tracers are assigned to interview Martha, asking the names of everyone she had seen and every place she visited.  Butterfly Beauty Salon – I am a contact.  The Contact Tracers will find me; I will be required to self-isolate, and possibly be forced into quarantine.

Am I a victim of an over-active imagination?  Nope, Northam’s plan for Contact Tracing is documented. The governor’s plan is moving forward.

VA Health Commissioner Dr Oliver said the administration is taking “a very serious approach” toward contact tracing, including “isolating those folks, putting them in quarantine if necessary.” 

Quarantine healthy individuals “if necessary” for what reason?

Refusal to comply?

Phase One requirement of customer logs from personal care facilities is the second step in Northam’s desire for Absolute Control. The first step was hiring an additional 1,000 contact tracers.

Contact tracing is already in force across the country.

State of Washington began May 12, “Quarantine Contacts: place those individuals who have been in contact with a coronavirus patient under quarantine.”

In Massachusetts, “Each close contact is asked to remain at home, in quarantine, for 14 days.  Even those who test negative must quarantine because they may have been exposed to the coronavirus.”

Closer to home, Washington DC has hired 900 more Contact Tracers, to “inform people that they have been exposed and need to self-quarantine.”

Tom Frieden, MD, former CDC director, states that contact tracing requires quarantine of contacts. Quarantine is a component of Frieden’s “Box It In” strategy, the strategy Northam has adopted.

The Fifth Amendment: No person shall…be deprived of life, LIBERTY, or property, without due process of law….

29 thoughts on “Contact Tracing begins in Virginia”

  1. I remember a Virginia where these elected jerks would be decorating the nearest tree limb, street light, lamp post or bridge overpass .. not surrendering to FALSE FLAG nonsense like a bunch of marshmellow-minded powderpuffs !!!

    Yes, you may quote me !!!


  2. JMO this required effort is too little too late. Gov. Northam should have put this in place WHEN the virus came out, maybe could have saved some lives. Too little too late, JMO


  3. Isn’t this somewhat like letting the horse out of the barn before closing the door? Something like that! JMO the governor should have done this WHEN this Corona Virus first started then maybe we can look back and say that was a good thing BUT NOW he wants to track those with this virus, too little too late. Just saying.


    1. Just saying, you are on point! Now planning to mandate “face coverings” which serve no medical purpose.


  4. I have read the article attached in regards to Phase 1, I saw nothing about contact tracing. Could someone please tell me where I can find this information?


    1. Good question! I work in healthcare privacy and security, so am very familiar with HIPAA. HHS issued guidance on this question (I’ll provide the link) clarifying organizations covered by HIPAA are allowed to disclose protected information to a public health authority (like the CDC) and to persons at risk of contracting or spreading a disease or condition to “carry out their public health mission.” However, this is not intended to be a blanket release, as HIPAA has specific rules and regulations to be followed in determining what information can be released and who can receive the information.

      Click to access february-2020-hipaa-and-novel-coronavirus.pdf


  5. any place i visit that requires me to give my personal information is a place I will not patronize. Let them come to my door. They better come with the police and a search warrant!


    1. The businesses are required by Northam to collect the information so I don’t blame the businesses but I have also decided not to participate. In my May 17th post I shared an article by the Virginian Pilot, an interview with a Contact Tracer in Chesapeake. According to the Tracer, citizens are not required to talk to her, but I’m not taking any chances! Here is that article:


    2. I think they do it without telling you. You have to ask… I was so excited to get a haircut on Saturday, and I noticed this list she was making in a spiral notebook. I thought, “shes really old-school”. But now, I think she was doing the tracing. Time for fake names! My I suggest: Warren zevon. Jerry Buttifuco, or Harry Belefonte?


      1. She probably was keeping a log. Here’s the governor’s requirement for personal grooming businesses, “Employers must maintain a list of the names and contact information for all clients, to include the date and time services are received.” I like your name idea, Harry for haircuts.


    1. That is not true at all as no state can make laws that contradict the constitution. We as state prosecutors have to abide by the constitution just as federal prosecutors do.


      1. Then perhaps “we as state prosecutors” are familiar with the 14th Amendment, which would apply here.


    1. I agree, Northam is not the only tyrant in Virginia. What questions should we ask candidates to help us decide which are most likely to protect our constitution rights? Hearing a candidate say, “I support the Constitution” is not enough, since Northam makes that claim himself! What specific questions should we ask candidates to determine which really understand constitutional values?


      1. All “tyrants” in the state of Virginia would be well advised to be familiar with the state motto which mandates how the citizenry should deal with “tyrants”.
        “Sic Semper Tyrannus” is Latin for “Thus Always To Tyrants” and is written on the state seal that shows a citizen with a spear in his hand and his foot on the chest of a fallen “tyrant”.


      2. Yes, it is time for citizens to take a stand. For me, voting is not enough. I am meeting candidates, choosing those I think will best protect our liberties. I volunteer to help those candidates campaign-I may knock on your door one day!


    1. I agree, but not everyone does, many support the governor and contact tracing. The House bill HR6666, named the TRACE ACT, is sponsored by 58 Democrats and 1 Republican. The TRACE ACT call for $100 BILLION “to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts.” Democrats have made their position clear. Have you heard any Republican legislators take a clear position against contact tracing?


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