Disease Control = Absolute Power

The goal has never been to control the Wuhan virus; the goal was to slow the spread. As the CDC chart below shows, slowing the spread of the virus means that it affects fewer people at a time, to ensure that the caseload doesn’t overload the limited health resources available.  Virginia has suffered greatly but according to Northam, it has worked!

But Northam has taken on a new goal, which he calls Job One: “To protect Virginians, to keep Virginians healthy and safe and to prevent deaths.”  The governor has decided he has the responsibility to control the virus, which means he has the authority to control Virginians.

Why is Northam, as many other governors, so intent on exerting control after achieving the goal of flattening the curve?  Who is leading this attack on constitutional liberty under the pretense of protection?

Disease control is the new goal

Contact Tracing is the tool

Michael Bloomberg is the leader.

Contact Tracing means tracking down every person who may have come in contact with an infected person, and isolating the contact for at least 14 days.  According to Bloomberg, “It requires conducting detailed interviews with every confirmed or presumptive case of Covid-19, detailing their activities hour by hour through the entire infectious period, and recalling everyone they were in contact with during that time.”  

As we reopen Virginia on May 15, contact could include restaurants. Stores. Political rallies. Church meetings.  

Bloomberg is promoting Contact Tracing through many of his organizations. In BLOOMBERG CITIES he calls for a national army of 300,000 Contact Tracers and technology to track every American. Google and Apple are listening; the capability to track everyone 24/7 will soon be built into your I-Phone or Android

Governor Northam is walking lock-step with Bloomberg.  His Forward Virginia plan is heavily focused on Contact Tracing, which Northam calls Box It In. Box It In is copied directly from Bloomberg’s Covid-19 Playbook, which defines the term as Disease Control. Compare Bloomberg’s graphic with Northam’s Virginia Forward graphic:

In America, Bloomberg is guiding Disease Control thorough connections with well-known entities.  Bloomberg Harvard and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are currently training local government officials on Contact Tracing.  

In Virginia, the Northam administration is hiring 1,000 Contact Tracers, and hundreds of Case Identifiers.  VA Health Commissioner Dr Oliver said the administration is taking “a very serious approach” toward contact tracing, including “isolating those folks, putting them in quarantine if necessary.” 

Quarantine healthy individuals “if necessary” for what reason?

Refusal to comply?

According to Bloomberg: “Quarantining people who have been exposed to Covid-19 for 14 days breaks the chain of transmission. This is more restrictive than shelter-in-place orders for the general population…True quarantine entails complete separation from everyone outside the immediate household…”

Virginia is not the only state following Bloomberg’s Box It In strategy.  Kansas City required all reopening public gatherings, restaurants to stores to churches, maintain a record of who attended on each day.  In response to the public reaction, Kansas City has made the records voluntary but still strongly recommended.

Members of the government and the media are trying to convince citizens this virus is horrendously deadly, and fervently trying to increase the numbers as evidence. Even the CDC is encouraging deaths be attributed to Covid-19 even if no testing was performed and there is clearly another cause of death. Cases are counted by symptoms, rather than test confirmation. The need to “flatten the curve” in Virginia was overstated, but we complied.

Governor Northam claims absolute power under the guise of Disease Control, after the mandate given to flatten the curve has succeeded.

How long we Virginians allow the Governor to continue?

His public addresses this week will clarify what he has in store for Virginia.

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