Meeting the Metrics in May

Governor Northam’s “Virginia Forward Blueprint” plan

Why aren’t we planning to Reopen Virginia?

During his Covid-19 briefing on April 27, Governor Northam stated his administration is working diligently to collect and understand the data, so he can let Virginia get back to work.  We were given the total number of cases and deaths as reported by the VDH, the Virginia Department of Health.  Why were we not informed that the VDH statistics are very close to meeting the two requirements the governor set to begin Reopening Virginia?

  1. Percentage of positive tests must move downward over 14 days
  2. Number of hospitalizations must move downward over 14 days

The evidence is clear in the two charts below, using data made public daily by the VDH.

Chart #1: Tracking the total number of cases confirmed positive each day, the percentage of positive tests met the criteria on April 27th.

Chart #2: Tracking the total number hospitalized each day, confirmed or suspected to have Covid-19, number of hospitalizations will meet the criteria on May 3rd if the current downward trajectory continues.  

According to statistics below from the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) Covid-19 is not a threat. As of April 28th:

  • 1,914 have been discharged who were hospitalized due to Covid-19 (confirmed or suspected)
  • 1,508 are currently hospitalized due to Covid-19, confirmed or suspected
  • Of the 1,508 hospitalized, 217 are using ventilators
  • Hospitals have 2,988 ventilators, with 596 in use (including the Covid-19 patients)
  • Hospitals have 5,177 beds available

If I can see the data and show it clearly in simple graphs, can’t the governor?

Governor Northam should confirm the VDH data is aligning with his Forward Virginia Blueprint, and set a tentative date to begin Phase 1.  

Show us the data – Set a tentative date 

Let Virginia plan to Reopen Virginia

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