Bullying Laws up for Senate Vote

Two years today 17 people were killed at Parkland high school, 14 students and 3 adults.  The Parkland shooter will be held accountable for his actions in court.  Had he been held accountable for his actions while he was a student, the Parkland Shooting would probably not have occurred.  Max Eden, researcher of Parkland and co-author of Why Meadow Died, explains in this podcast to commemorate the anniversary of this tragic school shooting.  

Despite threatening and violent behavior to teachers and other students, the school system did not hold the future shooter responsible. He was allowed to remain in school with no violence recorded in his school record and no criminal record. His “clean record” allowed him to purchase a gun after his 18th birthday.

The goal of the Parkland school district was to lower suspensions, expulsions, and arrests, forcing teachers to deal with a mentally disturbed student who terrorized the other students. Children sacrificed in order to make the school numbers “look good” on paper.  This mindset is growing in schools across the country.

Virginia schools are on the same path. School districts have been increasingly lenient, to the distress of teachers. The General Assembly is pressing hard to achieve these goals statewide by passing laws to force students and teachers into stressful and dangerous situations. These laws are moving quietly through the legislature; both are already out of Senate committee and will soon go onto the Senate floor for a vote.

There has been no attention given to these bills, for or against. Legislators often vote on bills they have not read, apparently assuming no one cares if the issue has not been raised by constituents or lobbyists.

I CARE! Every parent and teacher I have been able to talk with cares!

I have confirmed my understanding of these bills with an attorney and educational organizations, all saying my posts are accurate information. Both of these bills will increase the chance of Virginian children being traumatized simply by attending school.

It is likely both will pass the Senate with no discussion, and many legislators not understanding the consequences. I have written about the proposed legislation in several posts. If you haven’t already, please read and share these posts.

Time is of the essence. Both bills will be voted on by the Senate this Tuesday, February 18th.

Let’s stop these bills in the Senate. If we can get enough people to help, we can! Share this post and ask your friends to join us.

  1. Call Your Senator today and beg them to VOTE NO on HB 256 and HB 257.
  2. Also email your senator and include this link to my posts, which may be the only information they will receive. Copy and paste this link:


Please email a Thank You to the three lone senators who voted against HB 257 in committee, Senator John Cosgrove, Senator David Suetterlein, Senator Mark Peake. Let them know we appreciate their taking time to read the bill and recognize the trauma this will cause for Virginia’s children.

If you receive a response from any legislator, please share with us in the Comments.

To all those who stand up with me for the children of Virginia- I thank you.

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