Rumbling in VB

According to an excellent news report by Wavy 10, “The gun-rights advocates wore orange stickers saying “Guns Save Lives” in the shadow of Building 2 at the multiple center, where six months earlier a gunman killed 12 and injured 4 others.”

The orange stickers represent support by the Virginia Citizen Defense League (VCDL), a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I Section 13 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. VCDL is a volunteer organization, and funded entirely by members. A true grassroots movement.

VCDL believes the fight to restore our Gun Rights belongs to the citizens, encouraging We the People to actively lobby our legislators. In Virginia Beach, that fight has been organized by Vincent Smith.

All change starts with a distant rumble at the grassroots level.

Senator Tom Coburn

As WAVY reported, ” One of the speakers was Vincent Smith, Division Manager for the Virginia Beach Department of Public Works, who spearheaded the request. He also has created a petition calling for a change in a policy that prohibits city employees from having guns at work.

I’ve heard Vincent Smith speak several times, at Governor Northam’s gun legislation town hall and many VCDL gatherings. While Vincent is the motivator and organizer of the Second Amendment Sanctuary City movement in VB, he is quick to point to all the citizens who have chosen to stand up with him. Vincent alone would not have drawn this attention without the hundreds and hundreds of citizens who showed up at City Hall!

We the People are rumbling in Virginia!

Vincent Smith motivated a small army in Virginia Beach, and I believe it signals the beginning of change in Virginia. We have many, many issues to confront.

Will you join us?

4 thoughts on “Rumbling in VB”

    1. Coburn’s quote is from one of his early books, The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America. His most recent book, Smashing the DC Monopoly, is an insider’s view of how distorted Congress has become and why calling a Convention of States is the only solution.


    1. If you haven’t already, join the VCDL. It’s supported totally by members, no outside funds. I also support the Convention of States, is their website full of information. COS is another grassroots movement, working under Article 5 of the US Constitution. Article 5 gives states the right to call a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. At the website, you can sign the petition asking Virginia to call for this convention, which will be sent to your legislators on your behalf. So far we have 15 states calling for the resolution, all because of concerned citizens like you and me.


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