Deceptive News Targets Virginia

Is deception ever right?

Articles that appear to be news but belong on an Opinion page are misleading, but progressives have gone a step farther. Too far in my opinion.

Democratic strategist Tara McGowan established a for-profit media company, Courier Newsroom, designed solely to manipulate voters. The Courier designed an online magazine masquerading as local news, but actually a propaganda tool for progressive Democrats.

“While the articles she (McGowan) publishes are based on facts, nothing alerts readers that Courier publications aren’t actually traditional hometown newspapers but political instruments designed to get them to vote for Democrats.” Courier intends to “help tip statehouse races and electoral votes to Democrats” and “deliver the states Democrats need to capture the White House.” 

According to Bloomberg Businessweek

McGowan launched the Virginia Dogwood (“Your source for Virginia news”) this summer. On Election Day, articles from the Dogwood were trending online, shared by a number of Democratic elected officials, and made their way into the feeds of thousands of Virginians.

Virginia was the trial run.

The Dogwood was considered a huge success; the digital magazines are already rolling out in the other targeted swing states.

As Bloomberg reported, “She’s raising $25 million from a host of wealthy liberals to establish a for-profit media company, Courier Newsroom, that has already started rolling out digital newspapers with local reporters and editors in six key swing states—Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin—to fill the news deserts, deliver the facts favorable to Democrats.”

How deceptive is the Dogwood?

I went straight to the source- the Dogwood.

“We don’t just tell you the news you already know – we tell you the news you want to know.  We produce original reporting focused on everyday Virginians and the issues that matter to them. We tell it like it is – writing and sharing the stories that matter to you. We’ll bring you the story behind the story and explore how our readers’ lives are impacted by the news of the day. Our reporting is honest, to-the-point and in the service of our readers.”

Directly from the Dogwood About page

Honest, to the point and in the service of our readers? It seems to me dishonest, deceptive and in the service of desperate Democrats. What do you think?

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