Mom in the center, where she belongs- I’m in blue behind my dad.

My mom said there are no “bad” questions, if I studied all sides and logically reached my own conclusions. Always willing to discuss any issue without forcing me to agree, Mom had one rule: I had to listen to her opinion politely and respond with reason, and she would do the same. Guess how Mom reacted when I brought home a copy of The Death of God? Mom said if I agreed with the book’s premise after reading it, she would read it so we could discuss it together. Looking back, Mom must have been so relieved when I explained to her why I did not agree with the author.

I still follow my mom’s instruction:

  • I think for myself, rather than accepting what someone tells me to think.
  • I don’t trust anyone who says, “trust me” and is offended if questioned.
  • I don’t have to agree (or disagree) on everything with everyone.
  • I don’t expect everyone to agree with me!

Because of these principles, I’ve developed the habit of checking sources. Rather than trust the media, I read the legislation to see what it really says, or find the speech being quoted to see what was really said in context.  I can agree and disagree with the same person on different topics, widening my access to opinions from others. My penchant for analysis creates interesting conversations with my friends, which I would like to share with you!

  • Are you worried about the future of Virginia and America?
  • Do you feel shut out of the political conversation, dismissed or attacked?
  • Are you uncomfortable with the aggressive, argumentative tone dominating political discussions?

You’re not alone! I’ve had so many conversations with people who, like me, are concerned for Virginia and our nation. Patriots. We have something else in common – we think there aren’t many like us!

This blog is designed as a meeting place for Virginia’s patriots who care about our state and our country. The Virginian Public Square is a safe place for us to share our concerns, to encourage and learn from each other. We won’t always agree, but reasoning individuals can have meaningful conversation even if they are on opposite sides of an issue. Which brings up the rule:

Civility. Participation requires polite, reasoned conversation.

Yep, just one rule, like my mom.

Simple concept for complicated topics. Our country is embroiled in a battle between two worldviews, with Virginia breaking into the same two camps.

We are not few – We are many. We can learn from each other, develop our discussion skills, and hopefully take our place in the political discussion. Let’s get together and take center stage in the Virginian Public Square.


Karen Starling Greenhalgh

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. You are a most-welcomed inspiration to those who could truly benefit from your very well-founded rules for challenging the loosely constructed advice and counsel being “spewed” daily on social media and the false news printed and spoken by “unjustedly knighted” newspapers and socially and politically prejudiced TV news programs. You are a welcomed breath of fresh air in an environment which is suffocating us all with far less than the responsible reporting to which we all are entitled. Never lessen your valiant attempt to get this ship righted and back on course.


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