Welcome 2021

While 2020 has been a difficult year, many Virginians have been motivated to act in 2021.  I look forward to the challenges and successes in 2021.  Stay Tuned!

Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Abortion laws no longer require informed consent in Virginia Attempts to change abortion laws in Virginia were overshadowed by Representative Tran’s bill easing restrictions on third trimester abortions, and the governor’s acceptance of infanticide.  I warned about these new laws, which went into effect July 1, 2020. Because of House Bill 980, informed consent may… Continue reading Lost: Women’s Rights in Virginia

Conversation with the Town Center Protest Organizers

Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith Four part vlog series with Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith, The Town Center Protest Organizers! Click Here for the complete playlist of Parts 1-4 To watch individually: Part 1: Meet Damien & Heavyn, organizers of the Town Center Protest Part 2: Virginia Beach and the Town Center Protest Part 3:… Continue reading Conversation with the Town Center Protest Organizers

Meet the Organizers of the Town Center Protest in VB

Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith I am excited to offer a vlog series with Damien Stennett & Heavyn Smith, The Town Center Protest Organizers! Part 1: Meet Damien & Heavyn, organizers of the Town Center Protest As a resident of Town Center in Virginia Beach, on June 6th I watched protesters march from Mount Trashmore… Continue reading Meet the Organizers of the Town Center Protest in VB

Define Virginia Beach

Mayor Bobby Dyer June 1, 2020 I wish had taken pictures yesterday while I had the chance. Police have asked residents to avoid the oceanfront until further notice. Yesterday my husband and I walked down the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, enjoying another beautiful day in our beautiful city. Having lunch on the terrace at Catch 31,… Continue reading Define Virginia Beach

My Choice

Face covering. Not a mask - there is no medical purpose.  Any piece of cloth will suffice. This is not about public health; this is about power.  Bully power.  To open, or remain open, every business must enforce Northam’s face covering rule.  If they refuse, the Department of Health (VDH) and Department of Labor and… Continue reading My Choice

Is your phone tracking you?

Apple and Android develop Contact Tracing Soon every IPhone and Android will track your contacts. Apple and Google have designed a system for our phones to "connect" when they are near each other. If you are near another person, your phones will contact each other and log the connection. Introduced in two phases, Phase One… Continue reading Is your phone tracking you?

Contact Tracing begins in Virginia

Phase One of Virginia Forward comes at a high price. A much higher price than the cost of a haircut or a tanning bed. Suppose I visit Butterfly Beauty Salon on Monday.  The salon is required to record my name, contact information, and time I was at the salon.  Another guest, named Martha, also visits… Continue reading Contact Tracing begins in Virginia

Disease Control = Absolute Power

The goal has never been to control the Wuhan virus; the goal was to slow the spread. As the CDC chart below shows, slowing the spread of the virus means that it affects fewer people at a time, to ensure that the caseload doesn't overload the limited health resources available.  Virginia has suffered greatly but… Continue reading Disease Control = Absolute Power

Meeting the Metrics in May

Governor Northam's "Virginia Forward Blueprint" plan Why aren’t we planning to Reopen Virginia? During his Covid-19 briefing on April 27, Governor Northam stated his administration is working diligently to collect and understand the data, so he can let Virginia get back to work.  We were given the total number of cases and deaths as reported… Continue reading Meeting the Metrics in May